•  3/03/2024 00:00
  • Online Event

This litter has been born. The mum is Millie the CKCS and sire is Ace toy poodle. That makes the pups first generation cavoodles known as F1. Applications are still opened through our Right Paw account. https://rightpaw.com.au/l/sheba-s-gems-cavoodles/71c37328-95a6-4fe6-bd34-ec2e3a3e434b

  •  18/08/2021 20:00
  • Location: To Be Announced

Estimated date at this stage of the planned litter from Sheba and Ace. Those will be F1B cavoodles as bred back to poodle. Expecting reds with white markings and beautiful curly, teddy bear looks. Applications through Right Paw https://rightpaw.com.au/l/sheba-s-gems-cavoodles/71c37328-95a6-4fe6-bd34-ec2e3a3e434b

  •  25/12/2018 21:00
  • Online Event

Millie and Ace planned litter of F1 cavoodles. Curly, teddy bear faces, colours possible : black and red with or without white markings, phantom.