More About Me

My life was connected with dogs from the day I took my first breath. Growing up around German Shepherds bred by grandparents I learnt to crawl with puppies, I learnt to walk holding into the most beautiful and patient GS girl called Maya.

Dogs were everywhere and everything. Without smallest fear I always approached the strays so common on the streets in Europe. Kept bringing countless rescues home, often so sick and broken that all we could give them was warm bed and loving touch while they took their last breath very soon.

I started breeding dogs in my late twenties but had to take a break to raise human kids. Of course we still had dogs, just didn't breed them.

Once the kids flew the nest and went on to conquer the world I could return to my passion and the Sheba's Gems Cavoodles was established. I always had huge love for Cavalier King Charles spaniels but watching the breed descending into more and more sickness I could not bring myself to breed them. But I didn't want to watch them dissappear either. Cavoodle became the centre of my interest and the answer to preserving treats and beauty of cavaliers while creating the most intelligent, friendly, affectionate, healthy and adaptable family pet.